So me and my buddy at work IM throughout the day and somehow the following conversation came up… pretty much one of the funniest irc moments I’ve had in years. Enjoy.

3:33:01 PM repeaterspeak: oops
3:33:07 PM repeaterspeak: might not want to stand up for a hwile
3:33:10 PM repeaterspeak: a while
3:33:12 PM BigTrucK: ?
3:33:18 PM repeaterspeak: just forced something solid out
3:33:22 PM BigTrucK: ROFL
3:33:24 PM BigTrucK: sharted
3:33:34 PM BigTrucK: chocolate starfish
3:33:40 PM repeaterspeak: dammit
3:33:43 PM BigTrucK: rofl
3:33:48 PM BigTrucK: better go drop a wizards hat
3:33:52 PM repeaterspeak: feels like i have a softball in my seatcushion
3:34:01 PM BigTrucK: bowling ball
3:34:24 PM repeaterspeak: hard to control just releasing the gas and not the kraken
3:34:58 PM BigTrucK: ROFL
3:35:01 PM BigTrucK: funniest shit ever
3:35:09 PM repeaterspeak: i thought you just fell out of your chair
3:35:14 PM repeaterspeak: was peering over there
3:35:36 PM repeaterspeak: looks like medusa in my pants
3:35:47 PM BigTrucK: haha dude
3:35:56 PM BigTrucK: can I send snippet to <protected>@<protected>.com?
3:36:02 PM repeaterspeak: sure
3:36:03 PM BigTrucK: they all wondering why im having conniption