So there seems to be some rumblings from within the Symfony world that the dev team “may” fork 1.x in order to continue maintenance beyond the announced 2013 “end of life” window, rather than ending active development on 1.x and “hoping” everyone shifts to Symfony 2.

Source blog post @ (lol @ FQDN).

I posted a comment on the blog, which is copied verbatim here in case it gets lost in the static.

It’s amazing that we are even having this type of discussion. We opted to use Symfony back in 0.x for some high traffic projects. Our company spent a lot of time and money training the dev team to correctly use the framework. And it wasn’t just the initial learning of moving from a hodge-podge code-base to MVC code-base, we also had to relearn new ways of doing things with some minor revisions (1.0 -> 1.2 forms for example). How much time was spent learning how to get the form system to work with some highly customized forms? A lot.

And now here we are on 1.4. Content and happy with the throughput the dev team is able to maintain. But now Symonfy says that 2.0 will be released and is completely different than 1.x? How is that fair to the companies, individuals, and hobbyists who have sunk time over the last four years ramping up to a point where we can take advantage of RAD (rapid app development) approach that Symfony provides? Granted, Symfony did extend the maintenance window of 1.x to 2013, but to completely abandon a great framework is callous and irresponsible, to be frank.

When 1.x is no longer supported, the dev team will just have to maintain 1.x as if it were our own. It’s tragic, but financially, we can’t keep paying the costs of heavy refactors incurred with new major revisions. Will we be having this discussion again in three to four years, when Symfony 3 is slated for release? When companies during that time period would have made the brutal choice to shift from Symfony 1 to Symfony 2, only to be abandoned again?

IMO, I think Symfony should follow closer to the examples set by industry giants such as Apache, MySQL, and PHP with regards to major revisions. Make them available, but be gentle about the transition. Leave it up to the companies to determine whether or not to upgrade.

Thanks and I <3 Symfony.

My question is, what do other Symfonians think of the upcoming changes?