If you are working with Magento in a dev environment, it is a good chance that you don’t have an email server set which will access your @gmail.com email address. What I did to get around this is I would click the ‘forgot password’ link via Magento UI, then go into ‘/var/spool/mqueue’ where the email message is stored to be sent. I would then view the contents of the email to get the token needed to reset the password, and append it to the url so it looks like this: http://your.devenv.local/index.php/admin/index/resetpassword/?id=3D1&token=3Dfb17a3b930ae0699f003575461cb9542, but you need to be sure you remove the ’3D’ from the id and token params, otherwise the values are invalid. Once you do, you should be able to access the reset password form and reset your passwords.