Add new spaces

Click the “Mission Control” icon (window with 3 smaller images), from dock. Then, hover mouse in upper right hand corner, after a few seconds a mini-desktop with a “+” (plus) sign will appear, click it, and a new space will be added. You can then use “ctrl + <--” or “ctrl + –>” to traverse across the spaces you created.

Rename your computer

Click “Apple Icon” -> System Preferences -> Sharing. You can then set the name of the computer, if you want to change how it will appear on the network, click the edit button. These two values can be different, but should effectively identify your computer.

Change Password

Click “Apple Icon” -> System Preferences -> Users and Groups. You can now change the password and “short name” of users.

Set middle mouse or mouse side buttons to open mission control

Click “Apple Icon” -> System Preferences -> Mouse. Select the dropdown box in the middle with the two lines pointing to the side buttons, then select “Mission Control”, if you wish to use middle mouse button, do the same but use the dropdown menu with the line leading to the middle mouse button.

Set ability to skip words via terminal

Open Terminal -> Preferences -> Keys. Within the Shortcut Keys view, double click “opt + <--“, then select “Send Escape Sequence” from dropdown menu, then enter “b” into the textfield. Do the same for the “opt + –>“, but this time enter “f” in the textfield.