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General – Merry Christmas – 2011


Just wanted to thank everyone who has supported over the last year. I’d like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New year, and we look forward to posting more great articles in 2012.

General – Internationalization (i18n) and Localization (l10n) Abbreviations


Ever wonder how they derived i18n and l10n to represent internationalization and localization? Don’t be embarrassed, I wondered the same thing.

The answer is easy, they simply took the first letter of either word, appended the letter count of the word, then closed it with the letter n. So the 18 in i18n represents the number of letters in the word ‘internationalization’, and the 10 in l10n represents the number of letters in ‘localization’.

This abbreviated approach is much easier to maintain than having to create vars, files, dirs based on spelled out versions. It   may also clear some confusion if you ever saw I18N or L10N on systems where the I and L look like the number 1 (one).

General – Radius Searching


Found a really good article on the topic of radius searching. Check it out:

Avoid having Bulk Emails being Flagged as Spam


A great article written by Kelly Jackson Higgins from, giving tips on how to reduce the chance of your bulk emails being flagged as spam by email service providers.

Doctrine vs Propel


Given 1 table that houses a particular object /w related attributes, say something like car; color, num_of_doors, fuel_type.

Doctrine = only 3 Files

  • Car.class
  • CarTable.class.php
  • base/CarBase.class.php

Propel = 5 Files

  • Car.php
  • CarPeer.php
  • map/CarMapBuilder.php
  • om/CarObject.php
  • om/CarObjectPeer.php
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