News – Apple – Steve Jobs has Passed Away


According to Apple’s website, Steve Jobs has passed away on Oct 5, 2011 @ age 56. He was a true visionary and a bright beacon of corporate leadership in this otherwise murky business world. RIP Mr. Jobs, you will be greatly missed.

News – Firefox 4 – Glow – Almost Realtime Download Stat Tracking


If you haven’t heard by now, Firefox 4 has been released. As part of the release the software engineers setup an amazing download tracking system with an equally amazing UI presentation of the resulting stats. Below, I posted a link to their blog on how they achieved the end results. I highly recommend any web dev to give it a read as the implemented solutions are quite clever.

A technological breakdown is here:

And the actual implementation is here:

News – Gawkers Challenges Hackers, gets Pwnt


Anyone who develops code for internet consumption is recommended to add the following news article, by, to their ‘must read’ list. The article clearly demonstrates how important internet security is within the realm of our information age.

Check out the article for yourself:

News – Google SEO Processes


Pretty cool breakdown of the assumed processes that take place for Google’s search engine results. A lot of good information in the graphic which may help increase the SEO on your own projects (plus some other cool info about Google in general).

News – outage


Annnnnd we are back. Sorry for the hassle over the last 30 hours. We are hosted on and they had some hiccup with our particular server which took them over a day to fix.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones affected:

We will be looking to switch off to a more reliable host in the near future, if you have any recommendations please let me know.

Again, sorry for the downtime.

News – Software Behind Facebook

0 wrote an awesome article about the software used to support Facebooks immense online success. It offers great insight into which solutions you should consider for your own projects to ensure a highly optimized web presence.


News – 4000% Performance Increase by Sorting in PHP vs MySQL


A buddy at work sent out the following link which proved to be an interesting read and should be read by any developer supporting a high traffic website.

News – Facebook’s ‘HipHop PHP’ Available as Open Source


Have no idea why they code-named it ‘hip hop’ but if the article is correct, it could mean a huge boon for the PHP community. Less resource usage equals less servers equals more money available for R&D into new web technologies.

+100 to Facebook development team for not only optimizing a widely used language, but making it available as open source. Grats guys on this exciting result and look forward to working with it.

Full article @

News – Facebook Developer Attempting to Re-write PHP as a Compiled Lanuage


According to an interview conducted by Phil Wong from ‘Rumpus’ ( of an anonymous Facebook ( employee, there is a Facebook developer attempting to re-write PHP as a compiled language. The resulting language would be called Hyper-PHP, or HPHP, for short. A daunting undertaking to say the least.

There is no mention if HPHP would be made available as an open-source project, but I suspect that it wouldn’t be, especially if Facebook is fronting the money to develop it. According to Phil, the gains they would get from HPHP vs PHP would be in the form of 80% reduction of cpu usage which theoretically will result in faster page renders.

You can read the article in it’s entirety here: . The discussion about HPHP is about half-way down the page (just search for HPHP and you be taken right to it).

Wonder if they realize that the fully spelled out acronym of HPHP is going to be Hyper Hypertext Preprocessor? Guess it beats Super Ultra Deluxe Hypertext Preprocessor.

News – Added Translator


Added a translator plugin to help our foreign brethren… I did some tests and it translated pretty good (seemingly), but it did butcher the code examples, so you may have to view in English then open a separate window and view the same page, with translation for your language selected. If there any problems let me know…

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