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Fun – International Talk Like a Pirate Day!


Evast you sea scurvy ridden dogs! Tis be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrrrgh, tis be the one day where glances upon mine hooked hand and stuffed parrot are not followed by the chuckles of the landlocked. So get to it you barnacle covered sea rats!

Fun – Release the Kraken


So me and my buddy at work IM throughout the day and somehow the following conversation came up… pretty much one of the funniest irc moments I’ve had in years. Enjoy.

3:33:01 PM repeaterspeak: oops
3:33:07 PM repeaterspeak: might not want to stand up for a hwile
3:33:10 PM repeaterspeak: a while
3:33:12 PM BigTrucK: ?
3:33:18 PM repeaterspeak: just forced something solid out
3:33:22 PM BigTrucK: ROFL
3:33:24 PM BigTrucK: sharted
3:33:34 PM BigTrucK: chocolate starfish
3:33:40 PM repeaterspeak: dammit
3:33:43 PM BigTrucK: rofl
3:33:48 PM BigTrucK: better go drop a wizards hat
3:33:52 PM repeaterspeak: feels like i have a softball in my seatcushion
3:34:01 PM BigTrucK: bowling ball
3:34:24 PM repeaterspeak: hard to control just releasing the gas and not the kraken
3:34:58 PM BigTrucK: ROFL
3:35:01 PM BigTrucK: funniest shit ever
3:35:09 PM repeaterspeak: i thought you just fell out of your chair
3:35:14 PM repeaterspeak: was peering over there
3:35:36 PM repeaterspeak: looks like medusa in my pants
3:35:47 PM BigTrucK: haha dude
3:35:56 PM BigTrucK: can I send snippet to <protected>@<protected>.com?
3:36:02 PM repeaterspeak: sure
3:36:03 PM BigTrucK: they all wondering why im having conniption

Fun – Greatest YouTube Video EVER


Fun – Best Christmas Lights Display


Pretty much the best Christmas Light to Music orchestration I have ever seen…  Enjoy.

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