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Browser – Internet Explorer 8 (ie8) and Internet Explorer 9 (ie9) – Open New Window Issue


Wow. Internet Explorer strikes again. Just found out that if you attempt to make a call where the title has spaces, IE8 and IE9 will throw an error and not open the link. To circumvent the issue I simply replaced spaces with underscores and everything worked as expected.

Consider the following:

// Bad'', 'Best Dev Blog EVAR', 'width=980, height=600, scrollbars=1');

// Good'', 'Best_Dev_Blog_EVAR', 'width=980, height=600, scrollbars=1');

jQuery – UI Dialog – Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) Issue with Ajax Response


There is an apparent issue with jQuery – Ui Dialog in IE8 where if you submit a form and get an ajax response (in JSON), IE8 will display the response but then quickly load a page with the same exact response. Annoying right? Well the fix is pretty simple. All you need to do is add the following to your form tag:

onclick="return false;"

Now, IE8 won’t attempt to actually load the form action, instead it will stop and render ajax responses as expected.

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